Sunday, July 18, 2010

The way u make me FEEL

u're young until u're not..
u love until u dont..
u try until u can't..
u laungh until u cry..
and everyone must breath..

No, this is how it works..
u peer inside ur self..
u take the things u like..
then u try to love the things u took..
then u take that love u made..
and u stick it into someone else's heart..

i think all guys are the same..
and theres this guy came in my way..
when u're in love, nothing else matters..
no matter how much pain u go..
u can't stop to saying i love u..
cause love is the feeling u can't erase..
always had crushes but no one were like this..
now that i have him, even as a friend or boyfriend or brother..
i will never let it go..
we might fight but we both know that we love each other..

**miss u. really i am :)

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